Our beautiful daughter Jessica was born in September 2011 with a severe heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. This was diagnosed at her 20 week scan and we were initially told that she was unlikely to be suitable for surgery. However, a pioneering in-utero operation at 28 weeks to enlarge a hole in her atrial septum was carried out and she was able to make it to term and get through her first open-heart surgery at just eight hours old. Jessica underwent five more surgeries during her life. Her final surgery - the Fontan procedure - took place in December 2017. She initially made a good recovery but sadly passed away suddenly on 14th April 2018 at the age of 6. This is the story of a little girl whose half a heart overflowed with love. She was, and will forever be, our little miracle and brought joy to all who knew her.

Wednesday 27 December 2017

Preparing for the Fontan again

We’re back on Ocean Ward again ready for Jessica to hopefully have her Fontan procedure tomorrow. Today has been full of the usual rounds of pre-op tests which Jessica has once again taken in her stride. She is very chilled out about having her operation tomorrow and hopefully it will be third time lucky for her.

As hard as it has been to have to build ourselves up to this once more, it was wonderful to be able to spend Christmas at home before coming back in. Jessica and Sophie had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed spending Christmas Day at Grandma and Grandad’s house before having a nice quiet day at home yesterday getting to play with all the toys that Father Christmas (and everyone else!) brought them.

Jessica and Sophie pulling a cracker over Christmas dinner

Today has felt like a big step out of that lovely Christmas bubble as we prepare to step once again on the hospital rollercoaster.  There have been some fun moments in our day though. Jessica had a visit from two very zany doctors – Doctor Easy-Peasy and Doctor Glow, the Giggle Doctors – which turned into an impromptu disco in her room. It was also lovely to see Nanny, Auntie Fizz, Tony, Tyler and Auntie Maxine who all came to visit (and take Sophie for her sleepover at Nanny’s). 

An impromptu disco with Dr Easy Peasy and Dr Glow

Jessica has been very brave today with all the pre-op tests. She knows what to expect by now and just gets on with it! To see how well Jessica copes with it all has helped us to stay strong for her. It was hard once again to have Sophie leave for her sleepover though. Hopefully it won’t be too long before our little girls can be together again.

Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie in Jessica's hospital room

Jessica is first on the list for tomorrow and, all being well, should go down to theatre around 8.45ish. As you can imagine, we are quite anxious about this next step although we are holding on to our faith that God has got this and that we are never alone in this journey. We know too that we are surrounded by so much love and support from our friends and family and we are thankful for that. Please do hold us in your prayers tomorrow as Jessica takes this next big step. We will update when we can.


  1. Thinking of you all Louise. Jessica is such an inspiration, it's amazing how she takes everything in her stride. I hope all goes well tomorrow and wishing her a quick recovery.

  2. I will be thinking of you tomorrow! Jessica is such a little star. I hope it all goes well. Sending love and hugs xxx

  3. We’re both thinking of you, Jessica. X